I’ve Got a Bone to Pick (with the Ford Motor Company)…

Most Ford fans, and all off-road folks, will remember this promising Ford Concept vehicle from 2004. Did this vehicle represent the perfect Bronco, or a possible return to prominence for Ford among recreational off-road drivers?

Probably not…but it would have been a good start.

I realize that being in the west, being an avid outdoor recreational user, and actually driving my vehicle off road puts me soundly in the minority when it comes to target demographics for new vehicle design. That said, I would desperately like to see a vehicle that gives me a compelling reason to own a Ford again.

Lets review…I am middle class, educated, and an un-apologetic Ford Fan. I have owned 2 Mustangs, a Ranger, an adopted Explorer, and a Full Size Bronco. But my last 4 vehicles have been import sedans and a Japanese truck. Why? Because Ford is missing me and those like me.

The Focus is too young (and disposable), the Taurus/Fusion are too boring (rental cars), the Explorer is a giant station wagon (a good one, but still a station wagon), the F Series Truck/Expedition are great (but impractical for most people), the Ranger is too small, the SportTrac is not really capable off-road, etc…I will own another Mustang some day, but I’m not quite to the point of a mid life crisis yet.

You can probably see where I’m going with this. I want a mid size vehicle that will do it all. Something capable of performing soccer mom duties, picking up the groceries, getting me through the snow, and getting me to my favorite fishing/hunting spots…and I’m talking about some roads that would maim the Explorer or Sport Trac. I’m talking about a real Crew Cab Ranger or an Explorer that drives and performs like a Ranger or F150 (not a Suburu Outback). I’m talking about a true Sport/Utility vehicle. Not a crossover!

As I said, I may represent a niche too narrow for Ford to pursue. But wait…how many Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds, Nissan X Terras, Frontier Crew Cabs, Tacoma Quad Cabs, FJ Cruisers, and H3’s have I seen on (or off) the road recently? Hmmm…maybe there is a market.


So here’s my message to Ford: The Bronco is an Ace up your sleeve in a segment of the market where you are losing or just holding your own. Take another look at the list of vehicles I just rattled off, and play your Ace before the category cools. Give me a reason to be a Ford owner again.

End of Tirade.

Need to brush up on Bronco history? Here’s a link to Wikipedia.

  1. I’ve been saving that one up for a while…

  2. you should publish that somewhere where someone who cares/could do something about it will read it – nicely written.

  3. I’m expecting a private email from Bill Ford any time now…

    Not sure where that somewhere would be. Maybe I’ll see if Ford has a consumer email address or something.

    I’m enjoying this pseudo-journalism blog thing. Who should I bitch about next?

    You’re all invited to participate, by the way.

  4. 1) The AMC/Jeep/Kaiser/Chrysler conspiracy to use a minimum of 4 different tooling sizing (metric, SAE, Torx, 12 star only heads) on my Wrangler. Whoever OK’d that deserves four different torture routines. Unless it was Iacoca. Then he’d only deserve one since he dragged Chrysler back from Hades tied to his balls.
    2) The fall of America as directly linked to Mtv’s “Yo MTV Raps.”
    3) Feminine hygene commercials.
    4) The fact that people think that John Stewart is a reporter. He’s funny, but come on, you get you world news from Comedy Central. Unplug you Ipod from your ears and unplug you head from your ass already.
    I’m full of them this morning- gonz

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