Cool Vehicle Sighting

Some free advertising for a business neighbor.  Very nicely built rig. Looks good too…

  1. I like the camo pattern. Find out where they got the pattern and the window covering, if you can. I’d love to get that in a desert camo color pattern.

  2. it reminds me of a quote of my friend Frank’s over on pirate4x4…. “nice stinger, sorry about your penis”.

  3. BTW, Gonz, that doesn’t appear to be paint – I think it is that “carwrap” stuff where they wrap a car in a photo on poly of some sort. Call the # in the picture and I bet they can hook you up on both a pattern and a price, since that is what they are selling…

  4. I didn’t even look at the add. I’m betting the “wrap” is frickin’ pricey. I though they matched the window covering to the paint. I’d just need the back window only. I have a friend here in town that does the quick signs stuff, so I should just ask him first. When I actually paint my truck. After I put in the engine. In about 3 years, you’ll need to remind me of this post, lol.

  5. It is a wrap, and that is their biz. They do wraps, tint, and detail work. I’ve heard the wraps are less than you might expect, but mostly for business use.

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