More years ago than I can count (it’s kinda fuzzy) a group of friends, united by High School, College, Fraternity, 4 wheel drive trucks, movie quotes, and youthful enthusiasm, came upon a place called Sevenmile.

What started as an excuse for 4×4 antics and mountain parties is now a standing ritual. The location and the cast of characters occasionally changes, but the core group and the state of mind remains.

Sevenmile is a shining example of excess, irresponsibility, and bad taste. Sevenmile is also a tribute to the code of friendship, and the value of companionship, comraderie, and resourcefulness.

This website is for the Sevenmile crowd and the Trucks, Trails, Mountains, Friends, and Rock and Roll that remind us we’re alive.


Welcome to Sevenmile v2.5

Like any good rig, sevenmile.net is a constant work in progress, so buckle up, hold on, and enjoy the ride…


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