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It Always Comes Back to Racing

I’m not even sure what the technical description of this sport is, but it looks like a good time…I think.


High Pucker Factor Rally Video

Well worth a watch and listen.

Mini to Enter WRC

While I am pleased to hear that another manufacturer is entering WRC competition (the Fords, Renaults, and Peugeots all start to look the same), I have to admit I posted this mainly for the cool illustration.


Monster Ford Fiesta (Really)

Meet Ken Block.  Shoe Mogul and Monster Ford Rally driver.  Incidentally, that’s a Ford Fiesta (or is it a Focus?).

Great footage of Rally Mexico.  Enjoy.


Short Course Truck Racing Rocks

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series is underway for the season.  If you haven’t caught this on TV yet, make it a priority.  You can follow highlights like this on YouTube as well.  Very entertaining.  You NASCAR haters may even enjoy this.


84 Audi Quattro Ensures High Pucker Factor

This is definitely worth viewing.  Not the most spectacular rally footage, but well produced and without a soundtrack.  Hearing the sounds of the car/driver action adds considerably to the experience.

[via Jalopnik]

Baja 1000 Update


Here’s the Baja 1000 run down from  Andy and Scott McMillin win the race, with Robby Gordon taking the season championship.