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370 Snow Rally

How much fun would this be?  They should sell tickets for this ride (or a conversion kit…).








Raptor Arrival Imminent

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the not quite officially announced Ranger Raptor for the US market…



Ford Bronco Mythology (The Continuing Saga)

FordBroncoConcept-smCount this blurb from Road & Track as further evidence of the loyal following enjoyed by the Ford Bronco, and the ongoing mythology of the 2004 Bronco concept vehicle.

This particular piece is short and sweet, detailing a last minute engine swap that was required to get the concept to the show floor.  True dedication.

I’d say the most meaningful line here is “Sadly, no one’s driving a production version of that spectacular Bronco concept.”

[via Road&Track]

Retro Expo

Great photos from the Trail Along to Pismo event.  Looks like an audition for characters in the next Cars sequel.

With Overland Expo wrapping up last week in Flagstaff, these photos have the feel of an evolutionary connection in these vehicles and their enthusiast owners/drivers.

[] | [] | []

Jeep Mighty FC Roundup

The custom and concept rigs that are rolled out every year at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari always generate a lot of interest and coverage. The Jeep Mighty FC Concept that rolled into Moab earlier this month may be one of the most drool-inducing examples yet. Articles, photo galleries, and driving reviews are all over the web. As expected, the Mighty FC is also generating a chorus of requests by enthusiasts for the vehicle to be produced.

While it’s unlikely that the FC will ever make it to the showroom floor, there is probably an aftermarket or customizer opportunity here somewhere. In the meantime, here’s a short list of reviews and photos to feed the FC fetish: | Jalopnik | Autoblog | NY Times | Wikipedia

The Best Looking Chevy You’ll Never See

This one is old news, but the imagery is worthy of passing along.  Behold the Chevy Colorado Rally concept.  Looks shockingly similar to the VW Amarok, but with more testosterone.  I would be seriously surprised if this truck sees US production in any form, but I would love to be proven wrong on that one.  More truck in the segment to compete with the Frontier and Tacoma could only be a good thing.

With any luck, success by GM in this arena would push Ford to produce/confirm the much rumored F100 (don’t call it a Ranger), pushing aside the SportTrac in favor of a more traditional pickup configuration.  Then they could throw it at the SVT group for a Raptor version…  Okay, now I’m just getting carried away.


Photos Worth a Peek

Just a quick link to to check out the eye candy from SEMA.  With the auto industry (reportedly) on the rebound, it sounds like the aftermarket is heating up as well.  Notable in this article, and from other sources, is an apparent increase in attention to the off-road segment by the major auto makers.  Ford, Jeep, RAM, and Toyota seem to have made their presence especially known, in addition to the usual off-road aftermarket contingent.

Check it out here.