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Cool Vehicle Sighting

Looks like someone had some fun with this one shortly before taking a break at a local (undisclosed) watering hole.


Season’s Greetings

Holiday cheer from the Sevenmile garage…wishing you successful wrenching in 2014.


Ford Bronco Mythology (The Continuing Saga)

FordBroncoConcept-smCount this blurb from Road & Track as further evidence of the loyal following enjoyed by the Ford Bronco, and the ongoing mythology of the 2004 Bronco concept vehicle.

This particular piece is short and sweet, detailing a last minute engine swap that was required to get the concept to the show floor.  True dedication.

I’d say the most meaningful line here is “Sadly, no one’s driving a production version of that spectacular Bronco concept.”

[via Road&Track]

Retro Off Road Recreation

I came across this post and images recently of what can only be described as a “simpler time” (I’m assuming there are no converted Ford-gondola-river-trolly-ferries in use today).  It would seem that back in ’32 the country was still innocently devoid of lawyers, insurance companies, liability laws, the CPSC, NTSB, and common sense.

You have to respect the engineering at work here.  It can’t be easy to get a ford perched and balanced on cables like that, even with the modified wheels.  I would love to know what these cables are affixed to at the ends.  Call me a sissy all you want, but I would also not be the one found swimming underneath this contraption, which doesn’t seem to concern the river-goers in the photos.

[retronaut] via [jalopnik]

BYO Trailer for Two

This is worth checking out, not only for the DIY trailer inspiration, but to see the very cool antique issue of Mechanix Illustrated.

While I can’t really endorse the idea of pulling a trailer (any trailer) with a Pontiac Vibe, I do see potential for inspiration here. I envision an expanded version of this project that involves welders, air compressors, propane tanks, recycled kitchen appliances, generators, and many late nights of trial and error engineering…

Actually it all sounds like a story I’ve heard before.


Take Your R/C Seriously

I love R/C cars.  As a matter of fact, I picked up a ‘starter’ model Losi Mini Desert Truck for Father’s day this year.  The official reason for this childish indulgence was to race and thrash around the neighborhood with my son, with his Losi Mini Desert Buggy.  The truth is, I just needed another vehicle to tinker with, and an R/C truck makes a pretty affordable diversion.

So I understand the fascination with the vehicles and hobby, but these guys take it to a rather bizarre extreme.  Typical R/C vehicle are scaled to 1:18, 1:10, maybe 1:8 or 1:5.  However, this Tamiya Wild Willy’s (and a Previous Tamiya Sand Scorcher) have been brought to real life in 1:1 scale by a German tuning house.

Makes me want to see my old Tamiya Grasshopper, or the classic Frog brought to life in the same way.



The Shelby Moment

Let’s get one thing straight; I am not qualified or entitled to write any kind of tribute or editorial piece on the passing of Carroll Shelby.  Fans, friends, colleagues, automotive press, and historians will (continue to) study, analyze, and present the details of Shelby’s life and his singular impact on all things related to automotive design, competition, performance, and so on.

I can, however, offer my admiration for Shelby’s automobiles and express my gratitude for their impact on me; as a fan, gear head, and car guy.

I had the good fortune to grow up in an automotive rooted family.  My genetic material is heavily influenced by car dealerships, service stations, dirty garage floors, race tracks, drag strips, and off-road excursions.  It was no particular surprise that when I was old enough to drive, I was somehow initially drawn to classic Mustangs.  Through a combination of a decent job, general obsession, and potentially poor judgement on the part of my parents, my first car was a ’67 Mustang Coupe.

That was the beginning of my life-long love of the Ford Mustang, and brings me back to the topic of Shelby automobiles.  For the majority of Mustang owners, Shelby (and Boss) cars are revered as the pinnacle of performance, appearance, and admiration.  Combined with the generally unattainable nature of these cars, an encounter with a Shelby can be a special experience.  I would say that for most Mustang (or Cobra) fans, there are a handful of fond memories due to some interaction with a Shelby automobile.  For some, there may even be a singular Shelby Moment.

My Shelby Moment happened when I was around 17 years old.  I don’t recall all the details, but the experience went something like this.

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