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Turkey Day Video Break (from Turkey)

Great scenery and footage.  You just don’t generally get to see Citroen and Suzuki hatchbacks move that fast on this side of the ocean.

While we’re on the subject of Rally, here’s a bonus video I stumbled across, with some great classic Rally rigs in sloppy snow action.

Don’t Do This

Someone clearly chose the wrong tool for the job in this case.  Amazingly, this is part of an annual event called the Leadfoot Festival, which they promote as a family friendly celebration of all things motorsport.

Looks like fun, as long as you’re not piloting the Rat Trap dragster in the video…

[via Jalopnik]

Scout at the Strip

From the ‘you don’t see that everyday’ file. Here we have the unlikely combination of a ’63 Scout on a drag strip. Odd at first, but once you see the video it all makes sense.

via [jalopnik]

Mad Drifting Skills (in a Tractor)

I guess we’re all looking for creative ways to fight that winter cabin fever.

via [jalopnik]

Don’t Do This (Holiday Edition)

Take it Slow and Easy This Holiday

A little 4 wheel steering love for your holiday weekend…in slow motion.

Boogity, Boogity, Amen. Stereotypes, pt. Deux.

It’s now official viral.