Cool Vehicle Sighting

Semi-Retro cool Ranger in the CO ‘burbs.


Cool Vehicle Sighting

Looks like someone had some fun with this one shortly before taking a break at a local (undisclosed) watering hole.


Season’s Greetings

Holiday cheer from the Sevenmile garage…wishing you successful wrenching in 2014.


Ford Bronco Mythology (The Continuing Saga)

FordBroncoConcept-smCount this blurb from Road & Track as further evidence of the loyal following enjoyed by the Ford Bronco, and the ongoing mythology of the 2004 Bronco concept vehicle.

This particular piece is short and sweet, detailing a last minute engine swap that was required to get the concept to the show floor.  True dedication.

I’d say the most meaningful line here is “Sadly, no one’s driving a production version of that spectacular Bronco concept.”

[via Road&Track]

Cool Vehicle Sighting

I still have a fond appreciation for the Full Size Jeep and J Trucks, despite a questionable personal experience the vehicle that shall forever be known as El Kabong.



Some reference material, for you scholarly types:

Cool Vehicle Sighting

Go Go Montero. Looks like this rare beast gets some TLC.