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Baja in Texas? Sure. Why not?

Seems like every time I turn around I find another race series I had never heard of.  In this particular case, I came across a new (to me) off road  racing site and a story about Baja Racing of Texas.  Sounds like a pretty cool little event at one of those tiny Texas ranches.  Not sure I’ll become an official fan, but the photo gallery here has some great rigs.



Have You Heard of NORRA?


I had not heard of NORRA.  But with a pic like this and a great story to match, I couldn’t help but pay attention.

NORRA is the National Off Road Racing Association, and (I now know) was established in 1967.

I have just recently developed an interest in off-road racing and stumbled across news of NORRA and the Mexican 1000 as a result.

I highly recommend checking out their site Here.  Be sure not to miss the intro video with some amazing vintage deserts racing rigs and characters.