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Frontier Tinkering – Utilitrack Creativity

You may remember my Frontier Hi Lift mounting dilemma a while back.  The main concerns being secure mounting, ease of access, and preservation of precious bed space.

My original solution was to put the Hi Lift on the factory bed divider, where it would be handy, but not take up any space that wasn’t already restricted by the divider itself.


This routine worked pretty well, but as it turns out, that extra 6″ of bed space comes in pretty handy, and the Hi Lift just isn’t needed unless I’m going off-road.  So now I am on to Hi Lift mount version 2.0 (or maybe 1.5)

The bed divider has been retired and the Hi Lift will be a part-time passenger for the time being.



I modified the 4xRac brackets with a slot in the center of each end and secured them with some of the factory utilitrack hardware.  Mount is even more secure and the jack can now be carried in any of the 5 tracks.  Not sure where it will spend the most time, but it is definitely solid.