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Cool Vehicle Sighting

I still have a fond appreciation for the Full Size Jeep and J Trucks, despite a questionable personal experience the vehicle that shall forever be known as El Kabong.



Some reference material, for you scholarly types: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeep_Gladiator

Jeep Scrambler Returns. Again. Sort of.

Looks like Chrysler finally got the hint that Jeep fans want a pickup version back in the lineup. This is not news to anyone that counts themselves an off-road enthusiast, and rumors of such a vehicle have been an endless subject of modern Jeep folklore. However, the pentastar powers that be have never quite bought into the notion that the demand is high enough to warrant bringing a ‘CJ8’ back to the marketplace.

In the meantime, companies like AEV and other custom builders have taken it upon themselves to serve the market for these vehicles, at a rather premium (but not unjustified price).

According to this report from pickuptrucks.com, Chrysler is now ready to meet the public half way and take some of that money back for themselves. The $5499 kit (before labor) that Chrysler is offering appears to be no where near the functional level of an AEV conversion, but it get’s the job done if you’re just after the Scrambler appearance and some pickup functionality.

I have to admit, the kit looks great and (given the inflated price of Jeep vehicles in the first place) I’m kind of surprised the kit is only $5499.  Of course, for the price of a moderately equipped JK, plus the kit and labor, you could buy a Ford Raptor.  Hmmm…