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Road Trip Report – Moab

For reasons too numerous to mention, Moab is still very close to the top of my list of favorite places on earth.

I recently had the opportunity to pass through on a business trip (really, I was working) and enjoy some warm weather wheelin’.  I even had the benefit of having Spinny along for entertainment and slave labor.

We enjoyed a blurry night out among the locals, followed by a near-epic day of ‘wheelin that included Klondike Bluffs, Gemini Bridges, and a section of Gold Bar Rim.

The Nismo performed admirably and I finally got to feel the benefit of all the upgrade$.  Proof that I didn’t do it for looks.

Non 4×4 highlights included dino tracks, desert/mountain goats, blooming prickly pears, and the usual canyon country scenery.  Photographic evidence follows.