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Blast From the Past

With the new year arriving and a new site update on the way (stay tuned), I decided to get nostalgic and take a look back at where we’ve been with Sevenmile.net.  Remember this?  Pretty contemporary looking for each period, I’d say…





I have multiple versions of the site backed up in various places and forms, but rather than dig up my own archives, I decided to take a look at  the Wayback Machine on Archive.org.

I’d heard of the Archive.org project before, but had never taken a good look at it.  Definitely worth spending some time there to remember the good ‘ol days of the Web.

I was amazed to see our little site represented in so many versions and with such detail. Enjoy the trip down memory lane, and don’t forget that more recent history can be accessed with the Sevenmile Classic link, elsewhere on this page.

[sevenmile.net on Archive.org]

Trail Report – Middle St Vrain and Coney Flats


I’m happy to report that Middle St Vrain and Coney Flats are as scenic and enjoyable (and busy) as ever.  We headed up with 3 trucks, 3 adults, and 4 kids, to enjoy a day of sunshine and high mountain air.

The ‘wheelin was excellent with good challenges and no breakage.  The kids also did well, with no injuries and only 2 tumbles into the creek…

Photo gallery follows:   Read more »